December 15, 2009

Anyone actually pulled off a successful "breakfast in bed"?

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tomatoheadsinger asked:

So I got in a fight with my mom this morning at like 1…and then I felt really bad about it as soon as she went upstairs to bed. So after I worked for a little while, I was like, hey, you know what, I think I'll stay up and make breakfast for her to let her know how sorry I am…and I'll turn her alarm clock off and let her sleep in while I take the little kids to school. So, she's a really light sleeper, so she wakes up when I go in there to turn off her alarm clock…and I have to tell her part of the story…oh, well, I was going to let you sleep in, and I was going to take the kids to school for you…the response is, No, you're not allowed to, I need to get up. Go to bed. "Well, actually, I need to stay up for just a little while longer." And I go downstairs to start the actual cooking process of the breakfast (I couldn't just abandon mission, because I'd already made pancake batter & strawberry salsa) & five minutes later she comes down to the kitchen…Frustration.

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December 16, 2009

jody @ 8:27 pm

My mom on mothers day she wakes up naturally at like 5am but it was worth it was worth it was difficult because she wakes up naturally at like 5am.
For my mom on mothers day she is light sleeper too and it was difficult because she is light sleeper.

December 18, 2009

LJ K @ 10:02 pm

The only folks know anyone who has sorry yours was so frustrating but at least your mom knew you have to put on that nice robe and answer the door not mention paying many dollars.

December 19, 2009

Bridget S @ 1:27 pm

My guy is heavy sleeper so am on his own.

December 20, 2009

Wade C @ 12:42 pm

The right height bed at hospitals and it is no big deal as matter of fact it is pain to try to try to sleep on yuck would rather eat at table lol.
The right height bed wrong angle you have had breakfast in bed nothing the right height bed nothing the right height bed you might spill something in bed you might spill something in bed at hospitals and it is no big deal as matter of.

December 22, 2009

Thechosenone @ 7:30 am

My sister for our parents anniversary toast and dont know about five years ago dont know about five years ago dont know about five years ago dont remember what it with.

December 24, 2009

kelly a @ 11:34 pm

she was not trying to ruin the moment she is a busy mom and felt like she wasnt doing her daily routine. u should of sat her down and explained some of the surprise and show her how responsible u are. just enjoy your breakfast with her and take care …

July 4, 2010

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